Patti Pocket Skirt by Amy Nicole Studio

You guys!!!! I have been so excited to tell you that I was selected to test out a new pattern release by Amy Nicole Studio! The pattern is called the Patti Pocket Skirt. The pattern is live now and you can purchase it by going to Amy Nicole Studio’s website, or just link on the hyperlink. I have never tested a pattern before and I was really excited to see how the process was from start to finish.


This pattern had pleats in both the front and the back of the skirt. It is a high waisted skirt pattern, has a side invisible zipper, and the best part… has POCKETS!!!!



The skirt itself was very quick and easy to sew. It was actually pretty fun as well. I wish I could’ve played around with some color blocking combinations while I was testing, but this was the fabric that I had. There are so many possibilities with this skirt, it was very fun to see what other testers came up with.


I used an eyelet lightweight denim fabric that I found at Joann’s recently. I actually have a lot leftover after making this skirt so I’ll have to make something else out of this fabric soon.


This skirt is available in two lengths. I choose to do the shorter length (View A) and I did add three inches to the body, just cause I was stepping out of my comfort zone by doing the shorter version to begin with. The longer version is View B, the midi length. I am so happy that Amy selected me to test the pattern out. It was really interesting to see how the testing process happened.


Verdict: Yes! I want to make this again for sure. It was such a fun skirt to sew. Amy’s instructions were great as well. She even tells you what pieces to bring to the sewing machine in the instruction book! How awesome is that!?!?!

Next time: I really want to do a striped version of this skirt, and a color blocked version, and a longer version, ok, ok….I just really like this skirt!


Hemlock Tee- Grainline Studio


Last week I came across a free pattern by Grainline Studio, the Hemlock Tee. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and you get the free download! I was a little nervous because it comes in one size, so I thought that would have to grade it up to fit me. I watched tons of tutorials on the correct way of grading and even looked up Grainline Studio’s measurement chart so I could possibly try to find out which size I needed to make the pattern. The pattern only has 5 pieces, front, back, two sleeves, and the neckband, so I thought surely it can’t be hard.


I’ve had this stretch poly spandex blend fabric forever! I went through my stash the other week and decided I’m going to make something with it. I was determined, even though this is not the best apparel fabric, quality wise. So when I was grading I thought to myself, even if I mess up, I have enough of this pepto pink fabric to make two tees. I was looking up  #hemlocktee on instagram to see what other people did, since the pattern download was only available in one size. Someone even had a baby bump and it fit her and looked great. Then I thought, you know, I’m just going to make it. So I did. Sometimes I feel like once a garment is finished, then I can see where I need to make an adjustment or if it is the right fit. Since this is a knit fabric, I felt like it was going to be very forgiving on fit.


I didn’t test my fabric to see the exact content of it. I have been wanting to play around with bleaching and dying techniques.


I decided to take a small sample and see if I could even bleach any of it without it turning into mush. It did lighten up a small about, but not to my liking. You can see it didn’t really change much in the picture above. I really wanted to do an ombre effect with the pink on top and have it fade to bleached out on the bottom.


Next time I will definitely try grading it up a few sizes, because I like my clothes to fit a little looser, and I will make the neckband a little longer.


I also used elastic stretch tape to re-enforce my armholes and my shoulder seams. This was my first time using the elastic stretch tape so I’m only assuming I did it correctly.


I only used this because my fabric was super stretchy. I can’t remember where I got it from, I’m guessing the fashion district in downtown LA, so I must’ve had it for around 3-4 years.

Verdict: I would totally make this again. This is a great casual tee. I would like to make several more in better fabrics.

Next time: I would probably not use my elastic tape because I would not be using that stretchy of a fabric. Also, I would like to grade this up to see if I can make it fit to more of my comfort zone. Also I would rather try doing a 3-thread serged stitch instead of a 4-thread stitch. I think it would be less bulky in the seams around my arm and probably lay nicer.  Continue reading “Hemlock Tee- Grainline Studio”