Simplicity Pattern #1072 Graphic Skirt

Around Halloween I made a pencil skirt and I am just now getting around to posting about it. Whoops! The holiday’s definitely took up a lot of my time this year, but I’m glad to be back at it, sewing, posting, and getting back into a routine. So here is the first post of the new year!

The pattern that I used was Simplicity’s #1072. I bought this pattern a while back because I wanted to make the pullover sweater, but this was a perfect simple pattern for a quick skirt as well.


This Simplicity pattern has to be one of the most simplest patterns I have ever sewn. It was only three pattern pieces, skirt front and skirt back (they were one pattern piece), the casing for the waistband, and an elastic guide piece. Such a simple project I don’t know why I put it off for so long.


I had this black and white graphic lightweight stretch jersey for a few years now and it finally clicked that I needed to make skirt out of it, I had previously thought I would make a couple infinity scarves out of it. So glad that I didn’t.


The fabric that I used was a very lightweight 4 way jersey stretch knit. I got this fabric while I was in LA at the the downtown Fashion District. It was in an upstairs loft that sold fabric by the pound. I remember grabbing a bunch of knit fabric that day because I wanted to practice sewing with knits on my serger. There were a lot of smaller pieces that would make great infinity scarves. I lucked out and found this print that had about 2 yards available as a scrap, so I snatched it up.


I have been working really hard on using fabrics from my collection (my nice way of saying fabric stash). When I came across this pattern I finally realized I was just going to make a graphic skirt. This pattern took about an hour to make, a very quick and easy sew.


Funny story, when I was shooting this look, I had two shoe options and I couldn’t decide on which shoe I was going to wear. I had put them both on to see which looked better and because we were losing daylight, I got distracted and ended up wearing two different shoes for most of the pictures lol.


I even looked down at one point and it still didn’t click. Even my husband, who was taking my photos, didn’t notice until we were almost done.


Verdict: I will make this skirt again for sure. It was a very quick and easy skirt pattern, only took an afternoon to make. Directions were very simple to follow. Great beginner pattern.

Next Time: I would like to try to make the skirt with a heavier knit, like what it seems like the model on the cover of the pattern is wearing, AND I really want to make the sweater top that comes with this pattern as well.

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